We are asking for help from those who share our goals and aspirations, who believe that with team-work and hard work we can make our dreams come true. During the summer we worked to personally earn (65 000 Ft), but this is also an obstacle for some of our fellow students whom can’t afford to spend this money on the trip. We have found a really cheap accommodation and we can afford basic necessities, but we want to go on city trips and all kinds of programs as well and we currently don’t have money for that. We kindly ask you to support us in making our plans come true!  We are looking for individuals, companies and businesses who can provide us with a job or a task for a financial reward. We hope that we can learn a lot from them. Of course, we provide advertising space on our website for those who support us and document all requests in detail. We hope that this will be publicized in the press. Through this project we want to learn how to connect with others, how to turn our ideas and thoughts into money.

For inquiries, questions, orders are welcome at holland2020@osb.hu.

Thank you, X.A class, Pannonhalma Benedictine High School

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